Iterative prompt engineering platform for GenAI Apps

Don’t hard-code your prompts, but make your GenAI App “programmable”. Our platform introduces an “iterative” framework with full “observability” across the GenAI DevOps cycle like prompts and RAG.

Iterative prompt & RAG development platform

Developers are always in pressure of guaranteeing the accuracy and quality of GenAI outputs. The dev platform that natively supports "iterative" framework with "observability" brings you a long-term success.

Prompt & RAG open source community

We stand for open-sourcing the wisdom of developers. We build the new platform of "prompts and RAG" work for the community, where prompt engineers & GenAI DevOps share and showcase their expertises for free, aiming we build the future of advanced GenAI apps.
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Prompts, RAGs and model configs into a single API

Our platform is designed to be developer-friendly. Your logics and programs should be easily manageable even at GenAI.
In Teammate Lang, your prompts, model configs, and any other logics like multi-modal operations, RAG search and function call, are compiled into a single API, so your GenAI entire flow is availabe everywhere at a simple manner.

Make your
GenAI App

Agile prompt development platform for production-ready GenAI Apps; Build easily, test flexibly, and improve quickly.

Multiple prompt chains with no-code editor

Version management & A/B test in a few clicks

Simplify integrations & switches between multiple generative models

Simulations on the interactive playground before launch
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Build RAG in 3 steps without code

Integrate RAG into the prompt chain seamlessly 

Check the accuracy & relevancy scores based on Ragas

Reduce costs by paying only for what you use

No-code RAG builder with iterative & observable framework

Serverless RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) development platform for hallucination free LLM Apps.
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The complete suite of LLM observability that make you confident

From harmful scores to RAGAS, we cover every necessary metrics to analyze your LLM App quality.

Identify logs with low quality score and their causes

Seamless improving & deploying on "Lang" & "Aug"

A wide variety of metrics

Customizable metrics and dashboards
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All the latest industry-leading models are served here as a production-ready API

OpenAI libraries compatible

Seamless integration with Teammate AI Services

Privacy is completely protected

Run open-source AI models with a single API

Serverless inference API for cutting-edge open-source models.Improve your GenAI App by switching to better models with one line of code. OpenAI libraries compatible.
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