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GenAI App

Agile prompt development platform for production-ready GenAI Apps; Build easily, test flexibly, and improve quickly.

Iterative prompt development platform

Developers are always in pressure of guaranteeing the accuracy and quality of GenAI outputs. The dev platform that natively supports "iterative" framework with "observability" brings you a long-term success.

Prompt & RAG open source community

We stand for open-sourcing the wisdom of developers. We build the new platform of "prompts and RAG" work for the community, where prompt engineers & GenAI DevOps share and showcase their expertises for free, aiming we build the future of advanced GenAI apps.
*Coming soon...

Multiple prompt chains with no-code editor

Visually build multiple chains of composable prompts & functions for better reasonings, agent-like formatting.

Version management & A/B test in a few clicks

Save multiple prompt versions, easily switch between them, and split traffic for gradual rollout & A/B testing. Teammate Lang works as "Prompt Management System (PMS)".
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Simplify integrations & switches between multiple generative models

Integrate your app with multiple models without initial setup and switch to the latest & better model with just one-click.
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Run simulations on the interactive playground before launch

Simulate against complex workflows, compare results and choose the bast version that really works for you.
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Prompts and model configs into a single API

Our platform is designed to be developer-friendly. Your logics and programs should be easily manageable even at GenAI.
In Teammate Lang, your prompts, model configs, and any other logics like multi-modal operations, RAG search and function call, are compiled into a single API, so your GenAI entire flow is availabe everywhere at a simple manner.
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